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Nov 2023
Touring to Shanghai 2023

Amazing animals, squirting milk jets and flying hay bales combine with all the bells and whistles to make cheese. Dancing milkmaids and yodelling goatherds will lead you on a farmyard frolic as they attempt to make their first ever cheese. If you have ever wondered where cheese comes from or cried over spilt milk this is the show for you. Cheese is an epic journey from grass to milk to stringy, chewy, stretchy, rubbery, crumbly delicious cheese.

Performance & credits:

Original Production Design by Meggan Rollandi, adapted by Asha Barr. Composed by Tristan Carter and Charley Davenport. Choreographer by Sacha Copland. Created by Lauren Carr, Emma Coppersmith and Natalie Hona

Honest conversation reviews:

“I have never really seen anything like it before; the connection with the audience was electric.”
Sameena Zehra
"Somewhere between standup comedy, a physical competition, an intergenerational back-and-forth and a celebration of mauri / life force."
Audience member
"The audience loved it, the terrain of the conversation and the honesty exhibited was compelling."
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