Asha Barr

Asha Barr is a Pōneke raised emerging live & screen performance designer/maker. She is passionate about all things visual, visceral, textural and tangible. As well as how these elements can uplift storytelling, liveness and intimate moments in our humanity. Asha unapologetically seeks beauty in complexity and values forming deep collaborative relationships. Asha is a graduate of Design of Stage & Screen at Te Kura Toi Whakaari Ō Aotearoa New Zealand Drama School (2022). Since graduating she is actively working to establish and build rich and diverse creative relationships. Her current working questions are around Transformation, Scale and Texture. In live performance she is drawn to how to work with the languages of SPACE, LIGHT and MATERIALITY to transform scale, feeling and world. She is interested in what is hidden; How does design to transform the things we see everyday, re-frame it, so we can SEE and FEEL things in new, and perhaps surprising ways?

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