The Tantrum

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10-11 June 2024
Taranaki Schools

The Tantrum is a dance theatre show with live music for 3-8 year olds and their families. It premiered in 2023 for the Capital E National Theatre for Children. Daring to step out from the cosy comfort of home, a sassy sister and a bouncy brother are thrown into the wild ups and downs of the world outside their little house. Scrabbling to make sense of the world as it moves around them, the dancing duo fall, gasp, side-step, trip and tumble until they don’t know which way is up. The floor is lava, the sky has ears and creatures appear from every direction. Just when they reach their wits end the duo turn to each other. Tempers flare and sparks fly. The sassy sister seethes and the bouncy brother boils over in the most outrageous tantrum you have ever seen. The Tantrum brings you Java Dance Theatre’s signature style of interactive dance and live music. While one-man band Tristan Carter battles to keep the peace the dancers tie themselves in knots trying to find their place in the world. Inspired by labyrinths, make believe and the games you make up in your lounge, The Tantrum is a treat for the imagination and a little relief for anyone who has ever been overwhelmed.

Honest conversation reviews:

“I have never really seen anything like it before; the connection with the audience was electric.”
Sameena Zehra
"Somewhere between standup comedy, a physical competition, an intergenerational back-and-forth and a celebration of mauri / life force."
Audience member
"The audience loved it, the terrain of the conversation and the honesty exhibited was compelling."
"Asha Barr has done a sterling job on the production design"
An authentic and sophisticated understanding of how to connect with a younger audience.
"This brilliant use of space is a clever way to evoke the terrain of the psyche."
"The little people in the audience were enthralled"