The Creamery

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Nov 2023
Touring to Shanghai, 2023

The Creamery is the third work in the Artisan Series. Rivalry, love and an angry mob spring form a tactile world of milk, herbs and dripping wax as the curds are separated from the whey. The Creamery is an ageless tale of neighbours at war, forbidden love and broken taboos. Enter the sumptuous world of cheese-making where rivalry and passion boil over as the curds are separated from the whey. Artisans compete to win your favour with freshly made lemon ricotta, sweet herbs and steamy stirring. Live music, theatre, divine physicality and filthy tactics combine to make delicious cheese coated in red hot wax as the story unfolds. From the makers of the award winning The Wine Project, The Creamery is part of Java’s Artisan Series. This culinary investigation into culture delights the senses and feeds the soul.

Honest conversation reviews:

“I have never really seen anything like it before; the connection with the audience was electric.”
Sameena Zehra
"Somewhere between standup comedy, a physical competition, an intergenerational back-and-forth and a celebration of mauri / life force."
Audience member
"The audience loved it, the terrain of the conversation and the honesty exhibited was compelling."
"Java Dance Theatre is in demand – it's quite possibly the hottest thing to hit New Zealand audiences"
"Like all really good spells, we didn’t know we were under one until the lights came up"
The Hook
"The Creamery is dance theatre, rich with conflict and all things messy
"This is the full shebang"