Home of the Gods

— happening now!
— happening now!
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Home of the Gods is in development! Following an initial development in 2021 we plan to premiere in 2025. Home of the Gods works with the dancers ancestry to explore a pantheon imagined Gods inspired by stories form all over the world. Expect shapeshifting creatures, mortals at the mercy of the gods and a deep dive into power and how it shifts. Meet gods of small and insignificant things, gods who can’t get up in the morning and gods who can give you exactly what you want for a price. Belief turns to vapour as even sceptics fall into the sensual arms of glamorous gods. Live music, live dance and shape shifting gods. A dance work for anyone who has ever doubted or believed in anything at all.

Honest conversation reviews:

“I have never really seen anything like it before; the connection with the audience was electric.”
Sameena Zehra
"Somewhere between standup comedy, a physical competition, an intergenerational back-and-forth and a celebration of mauri / life force."
Audience member
"The audience loved it, the terrain of the conversation and the honesty exhibited was compelling."
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